Heroes In Crisis

When will we get Heroes in Crisis on DC universe???

I would not expect anything that current to show up for awhile. They are still in the business of selling comics and haven’t even finished the series, let alone put out the trade. It won’t be real soon, I wouldn’t expect.

I’m not sure but I have noticed that most titles on here are at least a year or two old. So my guess would be that it might be awhile for the more recent stories to make it’s way to The U. Heroes in Crisis is definitely a great book so far, well worth going out of your way to get your hands on. I’d suggest making a trip to your nearest comic book store or if that’s not an option checking it out on comiXology.


I don’t see it being offered here for free any time soon, seeing that the series isn’t even finished.

If it’s on Comixology it’s definately well worth buying it.

I prefer hard copies and you can still find issues on Amazon. They have a hard copy of the first issue for $9.99 + shipping and a Kindle edition for $3.99.

It’s an AMAZING story!!! Well worth the money!