Heroes in Crisis- WTF (SPOILERS)

Okay, just reread all nine issues of this series and I have to admit I do not get it. So Wally West was the killer all along, though inadvertently? Where does that leave us? Roy Harper, Commander Steel and several others are dead. Is Poison Ivy dead, is the new green version simply a clone or is it her regrown? And what were she and Harley doing at Sanctuary? Is Harley a hero now? And it was obvious Harley and Ivy were an out and out couple in this story. Also will we see a team up of Harley, Batgirl, Blue Beetle and Booster Gold? Will there be a service for Roy Harper and will Killer Croc attend? A lot of questions come out of this series.


I think, but don’t remember clearly, that Roy’s death was “dealt with” in Red Hood and maybe Titans. I don’t read Green Arrow so I’m not sure.
I really didn’t care for HiC. I loved the idea when announced but either rumored interference changed it or it was misrepresented from the start. It wasn’t a mystery at all, just a story where we weren’t told who did it with no clues or intrigue. It was sold as being about heroes dealing with trauma but the whole thing was a forced, convoluted Wally smear campaign (intentionally exaggerated). Wally got a raw deal that he won’t recover from for a long time, even if he rewrites history with his new powers, and Harley beating the Trinity so easily was just too much for me. I know she is cash flow for DC but it just read like a forced directive to make her cooler. I eye rolled a lot during that series.
The talking heads were mostly a collection of “they’re alive in the New 52?”, “who’s that?”, “they would never do this” and “how would they even get there?”
Yep, not a fan.
In fairness, the art was great.


Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn’s story is continued from here in a miniseries called, appropriately, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Wally’s story continues in another series called Flash Forward, and will continue further into Dark Nights: Death Metal.


A lot of contemporary DC comics fall into this mold: great art and a decent idea, but the writing is completely subpar.


I did like when Harley was giving her confessions, about her abusive relationship with the Joker. You actually get a truer picture of the trauma that created her.


About to say you just catching up with the rest of us weekly comic readers who had to go through this bullshit a year ago. :sweat_smile: I sympathise with you that event was straight up trash!


Roy gets a funeral in Green Arrow. Bruce tells Jason about his death in Red Hood Outlaw. Donna mourns fallen Titans in Titans. I don’t recall the exact issues.

As mentioned, Wally’s story continues in Flash Forward, and Ivy’s story continues in Harley and Ivy.

We haven’t seen a Batgirl team-up or reference to what happened in HiC in her series.

Personally, I didn’t like this series. I thought some of the ideas were interesting, but that others didn’t make any sense or fit with characters’ internal voices in their own series.

I wasn’t really affected the same way many others were by what Wally did or Roy’s death. Since I never really followed them, I never developed a connection with either character. Overall, I thought it was a good read, especially the speech that Clark gives at some point about what heroes go through. The Harley vs the Trinity thing I mostly took as a bit tongue in cheek. Something to lighten the mood of a rather somber story. What I didn’t like? I’m not sure I left the story with that much more insight about any of the characters that gave interviews, or their trauma. Some of the interviews seemed potent at the time I read them, but none stuck with me. I also didn’t like the ending. I found the whole “close the loop” thing a bit non-sensical. Finally, I felt that Wally, after trying to cover up what happened, should have probably suffered some consequences, which maybe he did in Flash Forward, I don’t know. Overall I don’t think it’s as bad as the naysayers say it is, but it’s not as good as I thought it was gonna be either.


The story was alright but I really didn’t feel the emotional impact of the trauma the characters were going through. I’ll admit I’m a little burned out when it comes to DCs big 3vent stories so that may color my opinion some…
The upside the whole story was that we got Booster Gold and Blue Beetle together again… (I really hope Fire and Ice weren’t among the KIAs and that their confessionals were just part of the collection that Wally put together)

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As far as I can tell the only woman victim was Poison Ivy and she regrew herself.

That’s an issue with events like this. To have everything addressed I needed to read eleven books that I don’t normally read after the event book ends. Nah, thanks.