heroes in crisis SQ5

With each issue my headache gets worse not sure what to make of this one in the major clue booster revealed

Heroes in crisis is definitely a unique story but I dig it. I enjoy Tom Kings writing though he knows how to take the status quo of comic book story telling and turn it on it’s head…and then bash it against the floor lol

@brigadier. The good news is that the body of Wally West in Sanctuary is not the True Wally West. However, if the rumors are true (and the solicits for issue HIC #8 seem topping in this direction) Then cause for celebration may be premature as Wally may be given a far worse fate than death.

I know this is tagged as spoiler but I couldn’t resist peeking :joy: ahhh well

I really hope they don’t make real Wally the killer. If they want an alternate (‘The Flash Who Doesn’t Laugh’) Wally or Wally fragment/remnant (a la The Flash TV show’s Savitar) to be guilty, fine - but then have real Wally appear elsewhere. Alive. Preferably joining the heroes in the fight and then actually being an active part of the world again.


Totally Agree! If this plays out the way it was teased, my main reactive response will be “HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING FROM EMERALD TWILIGHT?!?”

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re-read this issue again today…
Steel is not the Citizen Steel of Geoff Johns’ Justice Society of America, but actually the Commander Steel from Justice League Detroit that was killed by Despero?!?


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I love this series. The heroes in the confessional videos really make an impact. C Steel sure he’s going to die again, Booster having to deal with the emotional toll of events that didn’t even actually happen, and Harlequin as an abuse survivor covering it with jokes. There’s a cost to putting on the uniform (both in the DC world and ours).