Heroes in crisis Spoiler

Im hopin for a big swerve and not another identity crisis. That books like one big funeral in the rain followed by a flat tire in traffic.

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Hated the first issue. Not picking up the second. King had a good idea about showing how heroes heal from trauma but instead used it in classic DC fashion: cheap deaths of legacy characters.


Oh damn. Yes there is a big shocking reveal, but oh the subtext. With sock nocking visuals to boot. Buy, read and repeat.


So, writing around things to avoid spoilers here:

  1. the one death that bugged me most wasn’t one of the two big ones. It was a lesser character I have a lot of affection for because I love the JLAEIOU era and because it’s an homage to my favorite Marvel char.

  2. Sanctuary is such a great idea, and I wish they had created it five years ago rather than making its destruction its first appearance.

  3. based on the lead-in in another book, I fully expect the biggest death to be a fake out. If it isn’t I will probably be pretty unhappy.

This was a really well-done story that I absolutely didn’t want to read. I don’t know how they’re gonna fill 8 more issues though.

Spoiler Alert! For those who have not read it yet, some big fan favorites died.

Wally, Roy, and possibly even a Green Lantern died in the first issue. Seeing as the first two are legacy heroes, I’m going to say the Lantern is Kyle Rayner. And there is tons more heroes we don’t know of yet that are dead. Next issue will probably give a list.

Booster Gold is still broken from his torture from the Cat+Bat wedding that was never going to happen. There’s a possibility that he’s the Sanctuary killer, but there could be another player that hasn’t been revealed yet.

Point is, I’m not happy with Tom King’s choices. He’s got some explaining to do. He’s a great writer, but why Wally?! Just why?! And Roy!


I am going to start off by saying I know a lot of critics and fans alike did not like issue 1 of Heroes in Crisis. However, I did.

I honestly really enjoyed book 1 of Heroes in Crisis. Without giving away too much for anyone that hasn’t read it yet, I really like the idea of tackling contentious subject matter such as PTSD and exposing their vulnerabilities. I think Tom King is a fenomal story teller, Clay Mann’s art, and colors by Tomeu Morey are beautiful.


The art is great! The story is a good idea. I don’t like the idea of taking out my favorite speedster in this manner. I hope this is an imaginary story, a dream sequence, or a parallel universe. I will continue to see how this story unfolds. Maybe the heroes are in a death like coma and they must find a way to reverse the effects to bring them back to the land of the living.

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So, I wanted to address the biggest thing that people might be freaking out about, which is Wally and Roy dying. The fact that the two biggest characters that we have gotten the most story arcs out of died, but we also have Booster Gold essentially as a lead in this story, part of me isn’t too worried. The dude is probably gonna rewrite time to save the dead heroes, and that’s probably gonna lead to one permanent death that will remain canon.

That being said, this issue was so well written. Tom King really got a lot of shit for the initial Batman #50 wedding storyline, but the controversy that it created was a really good thing because it MEANT THAT IT RESONATED WELL ENOUGH WITH PEOPLE THAT WE FELT TRIGGERED! Tom King nailed it again with this issue, interweaving the threads between Harley’s interview with her breaking down to the Hot Spot moment with Superman, and most specifically, Harley admitting that she HATES PUDDING. We can give as much shit as we want to Tom King for wrecking a portion of the fandom, but as a writer, this issue came together in a stellar matter, and I’m so glad that this issue is going where it’s going. I hope everyone loved it as much as I did.


Well, it’s a DC story with the term “Crisis” in the name. I loved this book I cannot express enough how much I loved this book. Tom King is the literal King of Comics right now. Batman, Mister Miracle, Hero’s in Crisis. I’m hooked and looking forward to seeing where it goes. Also digging the variants with Sanctuary files for covers. 10/10 would recommend buying this book. Just be ready to say “Oh no!”


The thing I’m most curious about is why Harley and Booster think the other person killed everyone. It makes me wonder if everyone there was hallucinating each other being violent, so they fought back and they all ended up slaughtering each other.

In case anyone doesn’t know who hotspot is, he is Sideways #4 for context.

Is it possible that killer can jump from by the body like Jericho so to each one might have murdered people but not in control

I’m trying to reserve judgement until the story plays out. If they leave all those characters dead though, I’m going to be upset about it. I had a vague thought that maybe none of it’s real at all. That maybe this is all in Batman’s head or something. Like the fallout from what Happened to Nightwing in the last issue of Batman. PTSD is caused by a messed up flight or fight response. I kinda thought that Booster might be the manifestation of the flight response and Harley the fight based on their actions and what Booster said about running away. I’m probably dead wrong but it’s fun to speculate about anyway.

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What if Superman, Harley Quinn, and Booster Gold are all in simulations that Sanctuary is forcing on them to help them heal for some reason from trauma. Exposure therapy is often utilized in trauma related care in the real world. It would mean none of those characters are really dead, which I could see happening based on who one of them was. It is a theory. The issue overall infuriated me, but I will give it a second issue before I say nope not for me.

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So I am going to let this story play out, before I get completely in how I feel.

Gotta give a shot out to all the comments and the what if theories. It took out some of the heat I had with this issue in general.

Oh BTW, aside from my crazy fan girl theory did anyone else catch the Robin-1 above the bathroom door at the diner? Do you think the nine panel grid layouts are coincidence? The last issue of Batman also used nine panel grids, and that’s also one of the things that the original Watchmen comic is known for.


@bloodviolet I really like where you are going with this :slight_smile:

I loved it! I think King is an unjustly criticized that loves to deconstruct these characters and humanize them so we can really know them.

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I would love to continue to theory craft on the type of meta that did this because it has to take a lot to drop a flash. I really like the theory that someone mentioned about them killing each other because it would make sense if Roy and Wally took each other out they’re both titans or ex titans so they know how to take down a speedster and how to take down a archer. My only concern with that theory is simply the fact that they’re too close for that I also lowkey think Wally’s not dead like there’s something about that look in his eyes that reminds me of when he died in titans and kid flash brought him back with a spark. OH one more thing there’s a A in Roy’s hands not a lot of people have mentioned that and it’s bugging me