Heroes in crisis Spoiler

I just read the book I wanted to someone about it.


Just bought it this morning. Haven’t had time to read it yet. Why is work a thing?

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The Book is very interesting. I’m interested to see how it unfolds. I don’t think characters that are dead are actually dead and I think a huge scheme is actually being put in action towards the big 3.


I think it could possibly be a certain rouge speedster who is left running around after flash war who likes to make hero’s beter


I think Booster Gold will time travel, save the day, and it’ll be the launchpad for his next comic book.

Or it’s all happening in someone’s head.

I doubt they’d kill Wally so soon, out of nowhere, without us seeing.


Looking forward to see how this expands into a true murder mystery. The artwork looks really good to set the stage early for a what the…moment. Early shocker with some main characters had me wondering where the storyline will conclude and if characters will be taken off the board for the long haul. No mention of Tim Drake, unless i missed something.

4granted read it and come back so your not spoiled

I think it’s a interesting theory that hunter is involved cause we don’t known where he went


I’m excited to see where the story goes but Wally is my 2nd favorite character so it sucks waiting 9 months to know what’s gonna happen for sure with him


I actually enjoyed the issue myself. I’m excited to see where this leads and to find out who the actual culprit is. I found it interesting that both Booster and Harley claim to have seen the other murdering the rest. Was there some sort of illusion at play and if so then the culprit could be a magician or could one be involved? Did something at Sanctuary perhaps malfunction which lead to the deaths here? Also they both managed to escape the carnage relatively unhurt. Could Roy and Wally have been attempting to run interference for them so they could escape, which resulted in their “deaths”? If the one who did this are aware that Booster and Harley escaped the massacre then they very well might be in danger from them as well as being in danger of the JL attempting to apprehend them for the crime since they have already been said to be suspects. Also with all the safeguards in place how did the culprit even get close enough to commit the crimes? So many questions with no answers as yet.

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I’m really digging the art style.

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Yeah, I really liked the art as well.

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Good start. Looking forward to seeing where it goes. And I agree about the art. Awesome!

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I loved the art and thought there was some nice build up emotionally through the issue. While I hate that two of my favorite characters appear to be dead I don’t hate the issue, in fact I found that panel to be perfectly heart wrenching, especially reading it digitally in guided view. Not seeing that image of Wally and Roy until confronted with just that panel made it more impactful and emotional I think than if I had been reading it as a floppy and seen the whole page at once.

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@BDette: I agree with you that reading it in guided view rather than as a floppy gave that particular panel more emotional impact to me as well.

It was good, but none of the deaths had any impact on me. Hopefully it picks up a little bit in #2.

As mentioned by others, the art was beautiful. I actually hope there are some more flashbacks throughout the series so we can learn more about Sanctuary


Thought it would give me answers but instead it gave me more questions lol

@jwarzy5702 Tom King does not give answers! Tom King only gives questions! And warm fuzzy Batman and Nightwing moments before, well, reminding us we are reading a Tom King Batman issue… curse you Tom King! Why do I enjoy your stuff so much!

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I liked the idea of this book, that even superheroes need therapy. It would have made some interesting points about topics such as stress, PTSD, and depression, things that are not often talked about in comics.
But a shooting is really not the twist or the plot I would have gone with, let along killing who and who. I’m still on board, but I hope #2 goes better.
Hey, at least the art is beautiful.