heroes in crisis PTSD

I hope to God that this storyline doesn’t end with someone in DC heroes to be mass murder because he suffers from or she summer some PTSD I know the writer suffers from it so do I mine may not be military-related but that doesn’t make me crazy and doesn’t make Tom King crazy

, was hoping 2 start a conversation on this and no no replies

I think maybe people are hesitant to reply because it’s not marked as a spoiler. But, the writer’s interview on yesterday’s DC Daily made it sound that it’s about PTSD and trauma.

I’d love to see a longer version of that interview. While I’ve seen some internet comments who say that certain creators don’t care about characters or have a vendetta, King came across as someone who feels very deeply and it makes me want to read more of this story, despite the losses of the first issue.

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I think that it’s going to end up being really meaningful for the soldiers going through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a story to point out that it’s okay to be vulnerable and that even heroes we see on a daily basis go through stuff, so it’s okay to talk about it with someone and let your guard down. I don’t know how much of it will be targeted towards non-military audiences. I REALLY hope they don’t just make the PTSD about combat, and I’m pretty sure they won’t. As a lot of common PTSD is from domestic violence, so I honestly hope that they do a seriously impactful piece on that. They brought in Harley Quinn, just gotta make sure to write her right. She’s a survivor who’s been through some seriously messed up stuff with her previous boyfriend whom WE ALL know was definitively abusive and had some really bad tendencies, so I really hope they put in some serious meaning into this story, cuz they can go at it from multiple angles, and I think going at it solely from a militaristic point of view would be a HUGE mistake.