Heroes In Crisis finale

WTF?!?!? I would have preferred Wally West remain in the post Flashpoint oblivion than to be treated the way he was in Heroes In Crisis. How can he be redeemed? And I like Roy Harper. This series killed/ruined too many good characters. This was a big swing and a miss from Tom King. How the editorial staff allowed this to happen is beyond me.

Allowed it?!? Dude, Dan Didio pressed for it! He’s had it in for Wally, Dick and Roy since well before FLASH: REBIRTH.


I actually enjoyed the book. I think after flashpoint you had to take Wally out of this purgatory and break him to rebuild his character.

That’s not rebuilding his character. Now he’s (still) missing his family, has to deal with the guilt of killing all those heroes (including Roy Harper), and serve time for manslaughter. It’ll take another reboot to undo this. Didn’t know this was Dan Di Dio’s doing.