Heroes in Crisis Deaths *Spoilers*

Does anyone think Roy and Wally’s deaths will actually stick past the HIC storyline? It just seems odd to bring back Wally in such grand (and emotional) fashion only to kill him off. Tom King is a long haul writer so it feels like somethings up with those two former teen titans deaths. What do you think?

I dunno. Roy got a funeral right away while Wally, if he gets one is pretty far off (we’re talking January at least!) Personally I really am sick of DC trying to drag everyone down with the real-world misery. When I was a kid the real world was represented just fine without killing off the main characters.

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@golddragon I saw that and it made me think in Roy’s case it may be permanent. But Wally coming back was a big deal and although I stopped reading Titans I know he’s had a lot going on, especially with Flash War. But I have to disagree with you. I don’t see real-world misery in this. I think it’s interesting to see these heroes cope with their decision to help people with their powers. It gives them nuances that we never really thought about, but then again I’m 40 and need something other than fighting bad guys to keep my interest these days.

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I feel like Tom King just killed Wally because of the whole “A Flash always dies in a crisis” thing even though that’s not at all true.

I really don’t blame King as much as I do Didio for Wally. King asked for characters to be put in the killbox for the sake of the story he wanted to tell and Didio jumped at the chance to throw Wally under the bus.

I believe Wally West is just a red hearing and all this could be undone.

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Wally is going to come back

But apparently not in Heroes in Crisis. King inferred that everybody who died would stay dead although the full quote was more of an equivocation. Anyway if DC does what they did before New 52 one event will lead right into the next with maybe a resserection.

Just read Heroes in Crisis#1 and was not at all impressed. Shock value in a #1 just to make a few quick bucks. No story to speak of, no character development and no reason to care. And if Wally stays dead for a protracted period of time, this is where I get off the DC bus. I loved it at the time, but in retrospect Identity Crisis was the WORST thing ever to happen to comics because it continuously leads to crap like this. God, when the Batman laments the way he does in this book (and two of his closest associates are Superman and Wonder Woman) do you get the feeling these people are totally useless? There’s no reason to admire these characters or honor them. They are ineffectual, whining babies and they do not deserve my respect or continued support. There had better be a seismic shift in tone and attitude coming at the end of Doomsday Clock, or it will soon be difficult to differentiate a DC comic from a tabloid newspaper.

@a2ton: As a result, I will be re-instating my old Thread Wally West Appreciation Day on theFastestForumAlive.proboards.com effective this Wednesday.