Heroes in Crisis Death Predictions

Who do you guys think is not going make it through the upcoming Heroes in Crisis arc? I’m really hoping Wally West makes it out alive, but I’ve also been hearing some pretty upsetting rumors about his role in the book. Tell me what you think!

Make sure to put the spoiler button next time you use a post like this. Anyways, I think Roy’s gonna kick the bucket :triumph:

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I think might be Harley Quinn but doesn’t physically die just goes back to Harleen quinzel

All signs point to Arsenal buying the farm. I hope not though!

Booster Gold would be a copout, Kyle Rayner is kind of busy in other books, Harley is as well. I’d be surprised if it’s Red Robin, he could be the first Robin to actually die. That could be cool.

Sorry about the spoiler thing! I saw the button but wasn’t sure if just blind speculation would constitute as spoiler territory. Although I like him a lot, I think I’d be ok with Arsenal dying. I don’t want to lose Tim after he was fake dead for so much of detective comics. I don’t think that DC would even dream of killing off Harley, but I think that would be kind of interesting.

Too many earth green lanterns…