Heroes in Crisis Dead Pool

Okay, who do you think is buying the farm in the event coming up this month? I say it’s gotta be Arsenal and Tim Drake.

I’m terrified you’re right :sob:

I think it’s Roy and Booster, based on the DC Nation #4 betting odds, and the fact that Tim just died and came back, so killing him again would be dumb, and Kyle just appeared on the Titans #30 variant cover, so I think they’re not going to die.

I just started this thread again I’m sorry the message board keeps glitching so I couldn’t find this. That said I’m hoping for Kyle to die and really anyone but Roy there’s still a lot of story potential there with him and Jason.

Dang. Why the Kyle death wish? I like the dude, after Omega Men (and the Christopher Priest prose novel trilogy, and the Denny O’Neil novel). :slight_smile:

Kyle…I don’t want to see him die but I’m afraid that he may be in a “we don’t have a pressing use for him” situation
Roy… he’s off Titans and apparently he and Jason aren’t going back to their old odd-couple days… the only thing that can save him is Colton Haynes being on arrow this coming season.
Booster Gold…tptb have had it in for anyone associated with the Justice League International era from day one. killing Booster…well, he and Fire are the only two members I think who haven’t been killed yet!
Tim Drake…Left the Bat-Family to go off to college. while he did just come back from supposed death, the real thing could still be in his future
Harley…She has a new cartoon coming out here on the DCU so i don’t think we’re losing her anytime soon
Cyborg…like Harley, Cyborg’s got a lot going on right now between being in the upcoming doom Patrol series as well as having a role in the DCEU. I think his chances of survival are pretty good. (probably the best out of the whole group.

OK now I’m really worried! So they’ve been teasing the idea of Killing Off Wally since they announced HiC what? two months ago? then a couple of weeks ago, DC Nation added Roy Harper (Arsenal), Victor Stone(Cyborg), Tim Drake(Red Robin), Kyle Rayner(Green Lantern), Harley Quinn and Booster Gold to the mix. Well today in Batman something happened that suddenly puts a great big bullseye on both Roy AND Wally! I don’t know what tptb have against the original Titans but i wish they’d drop it!

I think it’s Wally.

I hope it’s Harley Quinn but I doubt I’ll get my wish. I’ll be bummed if it’s Roy Harper, Tim Drake or Wally West.


In DC Nation #2 they have a two page spread that includes three caption boxes among a series of character pictures.
The characters are Bob Harras (photo), Wonder woman, Booster Gold, Catwoman, Deathstroke, Nightwing, Kyle Rayner, Red Robin, Green Arrow, Arsenal, Cyborg, Poison Ivy, Superman, Lex Luthor, Wally West Flash, Damage, Ray Palmer Atom, Beast Boy, Riddler, Lex Luthor, John Constantine, Mr. Terrific, and Harley Quinn.
The caption Boxes read “Which three of these characters will be accused of Murder?” “Which two of these characters will be murdered?” and “which one of these characters will be revealed as a murderer?” Now the way the questions are positioned it would seem that the characters surrounding the question are among the likeliest to fall in that catagory . However, that could just be a misdirect and in fact everyone in the page could fit in any three of the categories. Now, the 4th issue of DC Nation narrows the field just a tiny bit by stating that one of the characters on the cover WILL die. and it features Harley, Kyle, Red Robin, Arsenal Cyborg and Booster. Solisitations for the next few months of books seem to indicate that Damage, Mr Terrific, Catwoman, Nightwing, Green Arrow and Superman will keep on keeping on. (by the way, the December solicit for GA seems to indicate a second Green Arrow may appear. Connor Hawke perhaps?) we can probably likewise can cut Constantine and Wonder Woman out of the mix. (and I pretty much figure Bob Harras is a non entity in this whole matter.) That leaves Wally, Beast Boy, Terrific, Ray Palmer, Poison Ivy, and Damage. It should be noted that Ray has pretty much passed on the Mantle of the Atom to Ryan Choi and if he’s in sanctuary, it means he might have had a bad experience in the micro verse. (perhaps his girlfriend in there died?) Likewise, there doesn’t seem to be a December solisitation for Titans which means that Beast Boy could be a potential victim.
It’s been hinted that Booster and Harley are going to be two of the main suspects in the investigation so we can pretty much rule them out as being victims. but then if there are three suspects, who is the third? Deathstroke, Riddler, Poison ivy, Catwoman and Luthor seem to be the obvious choices as they’re all “traditionally” Villains. However, what if that too is a misdirect? Poison Ivy is a patient at Sanctuary. she could very well become a victim of the massacre as much as anybody else. Also Booster’s a hero and he’s somehow being listed as a suspect. what if another hero is also a suspect such as Damage or Green Arrow or even Arsenal? The suspect pool is much larger than we believe and anyone could be the actual murderer. well maybe this just adds more questions than it answers. On the other hand, it might offer a glimmer of hope to those who were seriously dreading next Wednesday. (like me!)

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My money is on Kite Man, HELL YEAH!

While we wait, please enjoy ComicBookVault.net’s video preview of Heroes In Crisis #1


I think Booster Gold will died and his past/future self (or pre-flashpoint) will be the one investigating. But seriously, unfortunately, iI think Kyle will die.

It has to be either Booster or Roy. They have the highest chance. I doubt they’d kill off Harley because she’s too big of a fan-favorite with her own best-selling title that would suffer from that and Tim won’t go either when he “died” not too long ago. It’d be too repetitive and too soon to do that.