Heroes In Crisis #6

6 is arguably the best ish of the series so far.

But was just me, or did it feel like King was trolling fans with the Wally part of the story?

The whole story is one big troll. If you enjoy it that’s fine but I honestly can’t understand what sort of enjoyment your getting out of it. To me it’s just awful and quite frankly insulting.


I think it’s fantastic. Love the psychological dive on secondary characters, the exploration of PTSD, and especially the heavy weight Wally has had to carry. This is not a punch everybody in sight book, it’s taking its time to tell a different kind of story.


Go figure, when this is the ish I decided to take my break from HiC with. Oh well.


I really…really want to like this series more. I feel like the idea and story behind is a grand. But the problem is, is that it’s trying too many things at once. It’s trying to be am murder mystery, a deep character bio, and an emotional look at mental illness/health in one comic. And it’s not doing either all that effectively. It’s trying to create this really deep emotional story, but it’s getting interrupted by the murder mystery aspect, and the gripping, exciting murder mystery story is getting side lined by the deep character moments. Both of them are strong stories, and to me, don’t work well together at all. It comes off as just a mess. By themselves, if they leaned into one of the other I think it would work much better. Like right now I love the idea of seeing the heroes in their most vulnerable, and how they deal with their own troubles, but we don’t see it really pay off at this point, just random shots of them ‘breaking down’. which comes off as just them rambling on to the audience. At first this was a unique device to get us to relate to them…but it’s done multiple times in every issue, and they all start to blend together… Likewise the murder mystery hasn’t gone anywhere and if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s a bit more "higher profile’ victims, this feels like it’s just another issue of Detective Comics… Also the whole Lois Lane story of her being obligated to reveal the story about Sanctuary just feels so forced… Why would she even consider this? What’s the motivation? It doesn’t strike me as something that’s she’s forced to do. If anything it makes her come off as weak and just being written like this to create an “oh my god” shock value moment… I’m stickign around to the end, but I’m not feeling this much anymore…


Not enjoying it at all. I was trying to be a smartass. This book has so far been the biggest slap in the face to DC fans that I’ve ever seen.


I’m really like the story as a whole. King in slow burn mode works for me. I like how the mystery unravels. However I did think this was the weakest issue, even with the reveal. One thing I did like about this issue was them finally digging into Wally’s mental state with how he deals with his entire life being taken away from him.

I don’t understand how anyone can consider a comic book story line “insulting” or “a slap in the face.” It’s just a story… if you don’t like it then move on to the next one. But that is just me.


I know exactly what you mean. It’s like Star Wars or Trek fans sayign “Oh this series doesn’t work for me I feel like it’s a slap in the face! Completely disrepected!” Uhh…it’s a story…just wait around for the next one? I don’t get how people can get so worked up and angry at the content creators for just telling a story…


I can see “not liking it so far’, but until it’s complete, a story can’t be terrible until it ends. Audition is a really great example. The movie seemed slow and terrible, but it did that on purpose so when the end came, it had more impact.

Tom King has proven himself to be a great writer with an excellent feel for the characters. That’s why this series is so weird. He is not writing the characters like themselves. I’m going to stick it out until the end, but it does feel like we’re 6 issues in and we’ve been treading water for the last 4 or so. At $4 an issue, I think wasting this much time with nothing happening could be considered insulting. I’ve paid $24 for the series so far and there’s an expectation that I’m going to pay more. Either way, if it does not end strong, it will hurt my opinion of Tom King overall.

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