Heroes in crisis #4

Just read Heroes in crisis issue 4 and I love the confessionals i wish all the issues were out so we could know who the killer is. I really feel like it’s brother eye because there’s been such a push for brother eye in the past few years and plus Bruce mentioned that the tapes were supposed to be deleted meaning something prevented that perhaps brother eye was the operating system and like every time Bruce creates him something messes up and this time brother eye thought the greatest way to help the heroes were to end there lives really curious to hear other people’s thoughts and theories

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Batgirl and Harley teaming up! Can’t wait to see where it goes! :open_mouth:

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Harley in the Harlequin outfit and DC remembering that Blue Beetle and Booster Gold are best friends. …Really wish they didn’t have to kill off Wally to do it.


I know they say Wally is really dead but am I the only one who doesn’t believe it?


I think the killer is in front of us and we dont even notice it…what’s everyone’s take on it?

I don’t think Wally’s really dead either. People have gone to his funeral and so on, but his death could be mental trickery or some such from an outside force so that associates of his think he’s dead when he’s actually not.

I liked this issue. From Lois in the doorway, to Batgirl and Harley’s heart to heart of sorts, to Canary’s “dismissal” shall we say of opening up, to the Blue and Gold moments, it was very good.