Heroes in crisis #3

I wanted to use this to discuss heroes in Crisis issue 3 some of the stuff that occurred was insane and weird I also just saw a interesting theory. But before I say the theory let me just say This issue just made me more sad about Wally’s death because he got to see his “kids” and have one last moment with them but then he tells us he doesn’t want to be alone before he dies, I feel like that just added salt to the wound. Really weird that they killed off four titans Roy, wally,cave boy, lagoon boy.Somebody said what if all of this is Harley’s hologram session which I’m not sure if it would make sense cause we have green arrow and Donna Troy mourning and Wally’s getting a mourning issue in the flash annual when Bart comes back.

Yeah it looks like it’s real which sucks. Also Gnaark is a Titan too. I’m very unhappy with the entire line as of late. Missing Rebirth pretty badly


Mentioned Gnarrk his hero name was caves I definitely feel that if your looking for good books teen titans is currently a interesting read and justice league is great, Batman’s okay flash is definitely a good read I’m looking forward to the young justice book coming out in January

I’ve seen a few people say that they think that Wally is in fact the killer, and his session shown this issue was the one that went haywire.

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I would hate if they made wally the killer in my opinion that would further tarnish not only his character but his legacy

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After that issue I’m going to call it now… The killer is Sanctuary itself. That room that generates whatever as a part of therapy cracks because of dealing with other people’s problems and decides that death is the only therapy. That’s why Booster thinks Harley did it and Harley thinks Booster did it. That’s why there are backups that Batman claims did not exist. I think they’re setting up Sanctuary as another Brother Eye and another universe shaking event is coming.


The feels with Wally, Linda and his kids.

Man, the feels…


Glad I came to the forems I thought people were getting murdered which is why everyone had to evacuate not that somebody’s vr session messed up but the sanctuary BROTHER eye theory is interesting. I’m still getting on Zoom see the puddles comment and his whole MO of making hero’s better by killing of the people or hero’s in this case who hold them back

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Wally West is one of my favorite characters in the dc universe, so seeing him literally die and deal with what happened in Flash War makes me too depressed. I know that he’ll eventually come back but still.


Having read #3 despite myself, I have to say that there’s no way Wally could be taken out so easily. (grief-struck or not) Read Flash #30 from the 1987-2009 run. Wally’s speed stops time on instinct when a deadly bullet just touches his neck. The idea that a human being (even an insane one like Harley) could bash his brains to jelly in one shot with an oversized anime style mallet, is sheer lunacy!

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I thought it was a decent issue. Who’s The Protector? I didn’t recognize him.

He’s a character from back in the day that was a robin stand in who was one of those characters who was like don’t do drugs

The brother eye theory

I agree it might be brother eye

Who is solstice I also was not have you death of Nemesis he was a minor character but I like he was one of my favorites from his days in the backup story in Brave and the Bold to his work working in The Suicide Squad

Solstice is from the first New 52 Teen Titans series.

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