heroes in crisis 2

Only thing major is we find out poison ivy was one of the dead which explains Harley being there
Comics ology has it

this book is a mess


Hooked in the mystery now!!


Book has been fantastic. Best book of the year IMO.


It is an awful book that is going into my drop off my pull this Wednesday.

I agree with those saying it is a mess or awful. I have hated most of the book. I think this is because I was expecting something entirely different and my expectations are making me mad at the entire series. They took a potentially wonderful idea with Sanctuary and just feels like they threw it away. They could have delivered an interesting series and then tore it down eventually later on. Now I am feeling like we are about to get a retread of threads from Infinite Crisis, which I loved but this feels a little umm not as well executed. Still love DC, but this book is not good.

I’m enjoying the unfolding of the mystery. I mean who shoved the Joker teeth down Commander Steel’s throat? And whats the deal with The Puddler’s? Is that iron workers or mud puddlers? They have succeed in drawing me into the story.

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I can’t believe ivy died. But that adds a lot of character development for Harley and also probably means Harley didn’t do it. Keep in mind maybe neither Harley nor booster did it

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I’m loving it so far. I’m a sucker for a mystery and this looks to be a good one. The latest issue had a bit more humor in it which is always a good thing.

Great art, great writing.

I think we’ll find that neither Harley nor Booster are the killer (unless somehow manipulated - Grodd?), but that remains to be seen.

My only disappointment is that the resolution seems, at least for now, to be a bit obvious with Booster being a time traveler. They can’t allow the dead heroes to remain dead unless Elseworlds or another multiverse Earth, so time will likely be manipulated. Just too many major players to leave as-is.

i love that booster keeps phantom cleaning his eyewear; a clever carryover from what we saw at the end of ‘the gift’ story arc.