Heroes in Crisis #1: Spoilers!

Is this apparent Wally death #7 or 8. (although this time a body)

I stopped buying comics after the first two months of the new 52 (down from 25 a month) until Wally returned in Rebirth. I now buy about 20 a month again.

Wally is the best DC hero. He grew up, learned from his mentor and then surpassed him. Wally’s solo book is lauded as having some of the best comics runs of any hero, yet he is second-fiddle to a milquetoast hero whose greatest accomplishment was dying to save the world in CoIE (still a pretty good dad).

Rebirth is about Wally. Hell, DC is. He will be back. If not, then DC has lost its way again. The “Life Story of Wally West” issue of the Flash, preceding this storyline, included how Wally would become the greatest hero ever. I will believe.

BTW. The comic was an excellent hook for a murder mystery, played without overwrought emotionality or flippancy. King is pretty good.

Also, I have been waiting since 1987 for a “Blue and Gold” comic.


I do expect Wally and Roy Harper to come back one day. But their deaths hit me pretty hard. I was in shock. I did like the issue a lot though and can’t wait to read more

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I’m really unhappy with this and I’m praying that it’s just fake out for the sake of a dramatic story. That being said, when New 52 started, I launched a monthly blog called THE FLASH Wally West Appreciation Day. (which never tore down Barry Allen but it strongly illustrated my support for Wally’s career as the Flash. I just spent the last half hour redesigning the Banner that i would use for each new installment. here’s how it evolved.
Banner 1
Banner 2
and finally, the newest version

I’m still trying to decide!!!

Lots of character not a lot of action. I think the look at denial and acceptice from Quinn and Booster is awesome.

Well, at least they didn’t get raped first.


well, we only see the aftermath. (suddenly recalling that CSI episode where the assistant coronor kept saying “No signs of sexual trauma!” with increasing glee every time he said it!)

Hmm if only one of the main characters in this story was known for time travel…