Heroes, Antiheroes, & Vigalantes Oh My!

One thing I love about comics and comic based shows/movies is the different types of heroes.
•You have your heroes who the public accepts and work along side. (Superman, Flash etc.)
•You have Antiheroes who are willing to kill if thats what it takes. (Redhood, Deathstroke, etc)
•Lastly, you have Vigalantes. They work outside the law and take Justice into their own hands.(Batman, Green Arrow, etc.)

Which type do you prefer?

Personally I prefer Vigalantes. They fight to protect and make the world safe even if it means being hunted by the cops. That’s a true hero to me.

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It’s so hard to choose! Great stories have been told about all three… I think it just depends on what I’m feeling like reading at the time.


I consider myself a antihero, thats what makes me so psychotic, lex for prez! I can save the world.

Anti heroes are good in very small quantities or a specific story arc. Otherwise they are just “villains with good intentions”. But villains none the less.

Any hero working without a badge is a vigilante. If you are in the US and doing what most of them do, you are likely violating the rights of the perps.

Bats and GA have both been shunned and embraced by their general communities at various points. The reality is the comic book criminal justice system is very different from our own.


Antihero forever!

Vigilantes definitely

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Some of my favorite heroes are Vigilantes so that would have to be my choice

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