Here's Hoping for January of HBO Max

I finally got to see the release day for December on HBO Max, and sadly none of the old series like Batman the Animated series is being added on there.:frowning:
Here’s hoping for January, if none of the series is added on there by then, I’ll probably cancel HBO Max, cause it won’t be worth keeping if none of the old DC shows are added on there.
However if they do add them in January then it’s worth $15 dollars a month. Hope somebody at Warner Brothers is reading this.:slightly_smiling_face:


I’d be happy if even just one of the following series comes to HBO Max

Batman: TAS
Superman: TAS
Batman Beyond
Legion of Super-Heroes
Batman: Brave and the Bold


@Scroogefan78 Have faith, my friend. :slight_smile:

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I can’t speak for everyone but I plan to cancal dc universe once it goes comic only


We will miss you. Hope you come back later.

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I’m all in,. Definetly keeping dcuinffinite. Just got confirmation my firestick is on its way. Throw my roku in the trash, my Christmas present to myself us watching Wonder Woman 84 Christmas day come heck or high water. I am bummed about not reading comics on my tv though!


So of course no sooner do i get my firestick in the mail, then Roku and Hbo max cut a deal.


If you never got it they never would have made the deal.

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