Here's a great resource for finding older comics that have been digitized for the first time

Not only will DC Universe be getting newer comics one year after first publication, but also older comics that have been newly digitized and added to Comixology (and other online comic storefronts) will be added as well.

Every Thursday a selection of these comics are released for sale and you can see which ones have been newly digitized at:

I’m not sure if there will be any delay between when they are offered on Comixology (etc) and when they will come to DC Universe, but they did state that we will get them!


I think this is a great link thanks

Applejack has stated that we should get the old comics here the same day they’re released on ComiXology. That said alot of the titles listed here are missing from the large downloads they’ve been doing to bring the two libraries into line with one another. I imagine alot of this will be corrected as they clean up but there will probably be issues moving forward simply because of the different days on which new comics are added across services.