Henry Cavill Leaving Superman Role A Work ?

I believe Henry Cavill is still Superman and WB Is working the fans to garner interest.


They could have gotten a ton of interest if they just announced MoS2. They don’t want to breed any more controversy after the Affleck is he in/our debacle.


Me thinks it is total BS as in fake news

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I do think we are losing Ben Affleck aka BatFleck. He will be too expensive to insure for any upcoming Batman films due to his relapse… :frowning: sucks since I love him as Batsy.

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My hope is it is a hoax. I think they finally nailed the character in justice league.

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I don’t think it’s true Henry is honest he would let us know.

Yeah, really hoping it’s not real.

It can’t be true. Cavil said to do TV and there’s not Superman movie script ready. Give it another 6 months