Hi so I’m kinda new to the whole comic scene I think i finished the new 52 batman with volume 10 . What’s next after that ? I also wanted to read everything from start to current but no idea where to start

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Hey MarcoBlack! Welcome to the wide, wonderful world of Batman.

If you want to know what happens after the New 52 run of Batman, you can start with Batman (2016) on DCU!

If you want more of Scott Snyder’s Batman, then check out All-Star Batman (2016). From there, read Dark Nights: Metal, Batman & The Signal, Justice League: No Justice, Justice League (2018), and Batman: Last Knight on Earth. (All but that last one are here on DCU.)

If you want to read some older, more classic Batman stories, you have a LOT of options. I recommend starting with Batman: Year One, which is told in Batman (1940) #404-407. Enjoy!


If you want more New 52 era Batman goodness, I heartily recommend the following:

Batman and Robin (2011)

Batman: The Dark Knight (2011)

Writer/artist Tony Daniel’s run on Detective Comics (2011), which runs from issues 1-12, Annual #1 and #0

Writer John Layman’s run on Detective (same series), is also worth a read. It runs from #'s 13-23, Detective Comics Annual #2 and issues 24-29.

All of this content is on DCU. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face: