Help with the DCU JL figures

Hey folks. Anyone have any luck with stands for the DC Universe exclusive figures? I find them really difficult to stand, and even harder to keep them standing. Always falling over on my shelf. Please do share if you found something suitable.


This is a great question in general- I have a Rorschach figure from the movie I can’t keep upright, as well.
(Looks over at it, sure enough, it’s fallen.)

I use Neca’s 6-7" scale stands for some of my DC Collectibles figures. You can buy a package at Target for $10 I believe it is.

Target also sells flight stands from Neca. Same price if memory serves.

Thanks for the suggestion, Vroom. The JL figures don’t have holes in the feet, so need something that holds them up at the waste. Flight stands are probably too big for the space that I have. I bought some “kaiser” stands from Amazon, but they were too small and too light. Maybe I bought one size too small.

You could drill tiny holes in their feet to accommodate regular stands. I don’t do that, so I’d understand if you don’t want to.

My solution was to prop Hawkgirl and J’onn (the two that wouldn’t consistently stand well for me) against the wall of the shelf they’re on. Better than chancing a round of Action Figure Dominoes.

Speaking of stands, DC Collectibles is coming out with stands of their own later this year.

I know these are expensive but they work wonders:

Horizon_Brave, I ordered something very similar to that. Was too small for the JL figures. Maybe I need to go a size up. Vroom, like you, I won’t drill holes in my figures. Like your idea of leaning them against the glass though. May just end up doing that. Saw those DCC stands…well at least the packaging…on some Toy Fair coverage. Hopefully not too big.

moro, the forthcoming DCC stands can work for 6" to 7" scale figures, so they’d be perfect for the JL figures. IDK how much shelf space they’d take up but scale-wise they seem perfect.

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Thanks Vroom…will keep an eye out.

Found something that works. Got these in the mail yesterday and my JL figures are supported beautifully.

Kaiser Doll Stand 20SMB - Black Stand for 7" to 8" small-waisted Doll and Action Figures, 3-Pack

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Capital idea moro! I might need a few of these.