Help with Superman & Batman New 52 Reading Order

I’m catching up on reading the remaining storylines for Superman and Batman in the New 52. I just finished “Endgame” and “Before Truth.” My question is about issues #28-30 and #33-34 of the “Batman/Superman” series that are collected in the “Universe’s Finest” trade. Where do these issues fit in? ? ?

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The Batman/Superman series is just kind of wherever you want it to be in continuity. It’s my favorite New 52 book because of that. It didn’t take itself (or continuity) super seriously, and just told fun Batman and Superman stories using whatever gimmicks the main series writers were using that month. It feels the most like the amazing late-‘90s to early-‘00s the ‘10s ever got.

DC gave up on continuity. They stopped trying. So things just sort of happened. Or maybe not? Who knows? Not DC.

That being said, I think they fit well right after the end of New 52 Batman, but before Darkseid War & the Final Days of Superman

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I’m not anti-continuity, I just think that it should matter if that makes the story better, and it shouldn’t if it doesn’t. I don’t think DC “gave up” on continuity, I think they just gave more freedom to their creators.

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@Batwing I wasn’t saying you’re anti continuity. My comment wasn’t actually based on what you said all. But I can totally see why you thought it was a response to what you said.

And it is more freedom for the creators, but it also means the editors have stopped caring about making sure continuity fits together. So DC sort of gave up. And that’s not entirely bad, some good does come from that because of the increase in creators’ freedom. However, it definitely doesn’t help when you’re trying to make reading orders. That’s why I brought it up.