Help with a character - Ekin-Tzu

Reading the “Bruce Wayne: Murderer” story line and in the Purity trilogy a character called Ekin-Tzu appears. I haven’t run into him before but he appears to be part bird and a former(?) member of the Lucky Hand Triad.

Nothing on him in the encyclopedia here and very little on him elsewhere.

Can someone clue me in on his background, who he is and how he came to be? He seems to have an interesting relationship with Batman and calls him “brother” which Batman quickly rejects.

Thanks in advance for info or links to info!

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Try Detective Comics #743-746. I haven’t read it, but that’s his only other appearances.

And in the future, DC Database is a lot more complete than the official encyclopedia. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty thorough in terms of character appearances, so it’ll at least point you towards a primary source if it doesn’t have the answers in its own right.

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Outstanding! Thank you very much. I’ll check those issues and bookmark the DC Database for future reference.