HELP! Purple Hickey on Joker's Neck? Any help from our DC hosts? PLEASE!

Does anyone have any clue what the heck that purple mark on the Joker’s neck is from Batman '89? It has bugged me for 29 years and maybe we can all figure it out now. Does anybody other than myself and my brother know what I’m even talking about?

What had happened was the first few times shooting the scene, Nicholson’s white makeup on the neck rubbed on the purple collar of his shirt. The makeup artist noticed the makeup, and rather than wipe the white makeup off of the collar, he put purple makeup OVER the white makeup on the collar covering the mistake. Little did he know he was causing a slip-up! The purple coverup rubbed on his neck, and when he comes out of the darkness and says “You can call me Joker”, you can see a HUGE purple smudge on his neck. The make up artist later saw what had happened & hated it and for the mess up making it into the final film.


THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH! That is a lifelong mystery solved!

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