help please I'm new

Wanted to know if the app let’s you read in volumes and not by issues.

Thank you in advance

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It’s an issue based library, Reyes. But when you finish one, you’re given the option to immediately proceed to the next.


You can also download, so I usually download multiple issues and read as an arc.


Sorry but you can’t but i can tell you where to start reading so just read the post crisis on infinite earths stuff /year one or if you want to start read modern stuff then read batman zero year and wonder woman year one(rebirth) also superman AND green lantern sercet origin

And also jla year one( 1997) or freak justice league(new 52) #1-6 and flash(1987-2007)#62-67

Actually im wrong it flash (1987-2007)#62-65

Also teen titans year one (2008) #1-6

By the way green lantern sercet origin issues are green lantern(2004-2011)#29-35

Go read the justice league(new 52)(2011-2016) shazam issues which is 7-9 and #21

Like HCQ said, it’s easy to just proceed to the next issue. They also have several key storylines broken out for you in the comics section.

You could read the old aquaman origin or the new 52 version by reading geoff johns run which is 2011-2016

Also go read green arrow year one (2007)#1-6 and even dc the new frontier even do it is a elseworlds story it’s decent to read by the way it don’t have a sequal it have dc the new frontier(2004)#1-6

I’m about to recommend some comics I’ve been thoroughly enjoying lol:

Green Lanterns (2016-)
Wonder Woman Rebirth
Wonder Woman (2006-2011)
The Flash Rebirth (2016-)

If I’m reading your question right–

No, for the most part the collected editions are not here, and not expected here. However, 23,000 or so individual comics ARE here, and a dozen or more arrive every week, usually 1 year old issues from the main line of DC Comics, and a handful of recently digitized more archival issues digitized the week before on Comixology and the DC App where new comics are sold.

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The runs that you read is geoff johns run on teen titans (2003-2011) and scott snyder run on batman(2011-2016) new 52 and and his current run on justice league so as his detective comics (1937-2011) run so as grant morrison and mark waid run on jla(1997-2005) so as geoff johns on green lantern(2004-2011) the origin for flash (barry allen) is flash (2011-2016#25 and the run to read is mark waid run on flash(wally west) (1987-2007) or the new 52 flash which is barry allen (2011-2016)run and the new 52 justice league run/geoff johns run (2011-2016) so as the justice society of America(1997-2011)

And also so as george perez run on wonder woman which is (1987-)and jeph loeb batman and superman (2003-2011)series

If you want recent resources, you could use my Rebirth Reading Order which list the volumes (with the issues in each volume in order for you) .

Read justice league international(1987-1996) and green lantern (2011-2016)#1-20

Shazam justice league issue also is justice league (2011-2016)#0