Help me remember a Batman comic?

This might be a long shot and no one knows what I’m asking about but there was a batman comic I read a while ago on this site and I can’t remember what it was.

It was about Batman he got captured by a old(er?) lady , with I think white hair, and then she made him fight and then she fell in love with him or something because she liked the way he fought and his muscles? And then I think batman beat her in the end.

Sorry if it’s super vague but I tried googling it and scrolling through the covers of Batmans and no luck. Just thought someone might know.


Do you remember anything about how the characters looked like, ie if Batman’s suit had the yellow oval?

From the plot alone, I feel like this could be something out of the Bronze Age, which might help narrow your search.


It’s a big blur I don’t remember anything about what batman looked like.
But thanks for that I’ll keep searching for it. I just thought maybe the villain would ring someone’s bell.


Unfortunately, the only white haired woman I can think of in Batman lore is Silver St. Cloud, and she definitely wasn’t a villain

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Interesting premise, @seitan. This story sounded vaguely familiar but I can’t seem to locate it. There are many extensive catalogs of “Batman’s Love Interests” online, even short-lived affairs, with no mention of this comic or it’s villain.

Is it possible that it’s fan fiction?

If you read it on here, can you check your “Comic History” section? It could be included within the list.

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It sounds vaguely like Mother from Batman and Robin Eternal, but the description doesn’t match perfectly.

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You might try Batman Legends of the Dark Knight The FLYER story line issues 24-26. It was written by Howard Chaykin and drawn by Gil Kane and features around Batman running across a woman who had aryan ideologies mixed with scientific experiments and when she saw Batman she had a real lust on for him.


@golddragon71 Wow! I can’t believe you found it with my super vague description. I’m so happy, thank you so much!!! Now I have to read the whole series again woo!
And thank you every one else for trying to help :grinning:


Whoa, great job @golddragon71!

Glad you found it @seitan! I’ll be checking that one out too.


Ah, beat me to it. Need to sharpen my World’s Greatest Detective skills.

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This was actually the first Comic book I ever ordered a subscription for. and I remember this storyline really well because of this scene.