Help Me Find a Penguin Comic?

I flipped through a comic in my local shop a few years ago, and I haven’t been able to find it since. Maybe one of you DC super-sleuths can help me track it down?

I remember in the first page or two, one of Penguin’s goons had to explain to him that someone had broken into one of his properties, and that a woman he (Penguin) was living with had been killed in the break-in. It’s a very tense conversation, where you get the clear sense this poor goon is going to get killed for being the bearer of bad news, and he knows it.

Ring any bells?

It kinda had Brubaker vibes, but may not have been an actual Brubaker story. I think it was the first issue of a miniseries of some kind, but I may be wrong. Might have been 2019 or 2020? Thanks in advance!


Sounds like it might have been an arc in Tom King’s Batman run.


Yes, it seems like Batman (2016-) #58 might be a match for what you are describing, @SlackC. Good finds @Jay_Kay! :+1:


That’s the one! Thanks so much. :batman: