Help, I need suggestions

Hello everybody, so I am looking for some suggestions. I was going to send off my Wonder Woman 750 blank cover to an artist to do a drawing of Wonder Woman on it for me. The artist already had one and told me to keep my copy. So now, I have an extra and I’m trying to figure out what character to put on it. I’m not very familiar with Wonder Woman, unfortunately. (I’m working on it, thanks to this here fancy app). But the only other characters I can really think of are Donna Troy, Cheetah, or Ares. And I’ve thought may be Zatanna, but I don’t think she’s really prevalent in WW comics, more Justice League Dark. So…I’m asking for some suggestions on what character should I have drawn on this extra WW 75 blank? Thank you all.

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Personally, I’d go with Donna Troy. I feel like she’s the next best thing, and in some cases is even cooler than Wonder Woman.

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Donna Troy is a great choice! If you want more options:

Cassie Sandmark (The second Wonder Girl)
Hippolyta (queen of the Amazons and Wonder Woman’s mother)
Etta Candy (Wonder Womans friend and long time supporting character)
Steve Trevor (another supporting character and love interest)