Help for Harley Quinn Smith

What can be done to ensure that Harley Quinn Smith is kept safe? Can Warner Bros. as her employer give her assistance? I am sure you have someone in security that can help.

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Did something happen to make you believe her job is at risk?

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I just read about this. The Smiths are no fools, I’m sure they’ve arranged for security by now. Hope this all gets sorted out soon.

Don’t be creeps, everybody.

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Disregard my last post. There are two ways to handle stalkers.

One, psychologically- determine what compels them to have an unhealthy and egotistical nature to try to invade people’s privacy. Do that, and help them find a healthy use for their interests, meaning they stop coveting people and take some of that desire and place it elsewhere.

Two, physically- if Harley Quinn Smith or any other individual believes and senses that they are being stalked, depending on the caseload and accessibility, a police officer can watch the situation, and trap the stalker.

If this is a cyberstalker, depending on the situation, there could be an IT operative who can check the IP address, and locate where the stalker is coming from.

I hope Harley Quinn Smith does not have to worry about the stalker and I hope that whoever he or she is can receive help before making matters worse.

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I think Harley, as well as all young women, should take some firearms and self-defense courses. Prepare for these creeps as much as possible. Be safe


What happened?

Someone has been stalking her. Her dad made a public plea for help on Twitter since the stalker traveled to their hometown and was blocks away from their dwelling. He has since updated that the cops have helped although not sure the exact status of the situation. Hopefully the creep gets the message and stays away.

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Why would anyone want to harm Harley? Creep.


That’s scary. Hope it is resolved. Not sure DCU can do much, I am sure their building has security so she is almost surely sage while there.

Yikes :diamonds::black_joker:

I’m pretty sure it’s been resolved.

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Omg! I hope she’s good!