help finding story lines with these characters?

does anyone know any storylines or issues with any of the following characters as the prominent villain?

  • professor pyg
  • ratcatcher
  • Prometheus
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Prometheus is in JLA 16 & 17
Professor Pyg is in Batman and Robin 1-3 I believe.

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What I do is look up the character on this DC wiki, and towards the end of the article is a link to a list of appearances

There’s almost always more than 1 version, though, like with Ratcatcher there’s pre and post-New 52. And I don’t know if it’s 100% complete, but I find it useful!

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Go to Google and Type in ComicVine with the characters name. This will take you to a wiki site with a bio of the character. Click on issues and you will be taken to a site with a complete list of appearances of the character.


@reload For Prometheus, there’s the New Year’s Evil: Prometheus one-shot which leads into the already mentioned JLA #'s 16 and 17.

More recently, Prometheus showed up in the Rebirth Justice League of America series. Specifically, issues 18-20.


Nightwing in dc rebirth has Pyg, I forgot what the storyline was called. It involved Damian, and Dick thinks he got his girlfriend pregnant.

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Ratcatcher can briefly be seen in Adventures of Superman #608, which is part two of the Ending Battle arc.

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Ratcatcher is a supporting character in Mother Panic.

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1st story arc of Batman & Robin is Pyg vs Grayson & Damian, also “Nightwing must die” in Nightwing #18, where Damian comes to tell Nightwing he’s next in line to become Batman & discovers Nightwings’ gf, Shawn Tsang (formerly DeFacer), might be pregnant & professor pyg has her. Sorry if someone already mentioned those, I just reread both recently were on my mind when I passed this board. Either way both absolute must’s to read if u like Pyg. Not being aggressive just saying, if you’re asking for great Pyg storylines those will suffice.

Just read em Meekeey is on it. It’s Nightwing must die, Nightwing Rebirth. Actually it’s Nightwing Rebirth (vol 4) issues #16- #21.

Prometheus is great in JL cry for justice also. It’s a mini series connects to Congorilla/Starman & JLA Omegs arc, offhand believe Omega is Grant Morrison JLA ‘97 as starting year.

Batman Shadow Of The Bat storyline has Otis Flannegan/ Ratcatcher in it.

Detective Comics #585 1st appearance of Ratcatcher!!!

The best Prometheus story is justice league cry for justice and justice league rise of arsenal