HELP! Dark Knights Metal Graphic Novels! Where to start?

I started the Graphic Novel ‘Dark Knights Metal’. In the first handful of pages there are references to other storylines… especially ‘Dark Days: The Road To Metal’. ???

Should I read Dark Days first?
If there are other Graphic Novels what order should I read them in??

(I could’ve done alot of searching and research but I have all you experts here in one place so thanks for your help ahead of time!)

You should definitely start with Dark Days! There are references to other stuff, but that’s the most important.


If you’re reading it on here, you can see the complete order by going to the comics section, and selecting the storylines category. It includes most of the tie-ins and stuff too, I think :slight_smile:

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No matter how you read it, it’s still pretty silly. I wouldn’t sweat it and enjoy the spectacle.