HELP! Community ARG

Ok, so I woke up from being unconscious for a few hours. Nightwing is still unresponsive. I’m in Bludhaven. Oh shoot, the Joker just entered the room. Please send help qui-

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Me & Justice League Dark are on our way, if u regain consciousness please use our code language to warn of any bombs or crowbars before we enter.

A role-playing thread huh? Not sure about this one lol

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Ok I’m safe now. Thanks for the help. Nightwing should be ready for action in a few hours

can I join

If you are up for the challenge

“bump” yes i’m up for the challenge

Are you ready for the toughest training in your life? Unless you got superpowers, then it’s a little bit easier

“bump” i’m ready bring it on

“BUMP” my character has super powers

What are the super powers

“bump” my super powers are that my character could fly
and has heat vision & ice breath,