Help - Comics

Help - Comics

What you tell me to read here? I’m thinking of reading Rebirth’s Justice League. Do you have any other suggestions? Preferably closed and not well known stories.

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The Rebirth Justice League is a good starting point.

Besides Justice League, what other characters/franchises are of interest to you?

Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol is really good if you’re up for a weird one.


I’ve read some editions, it really is very good. I will read more of them.

I’m reading Doomsday Clock, very good. I like Batman, Green Lantern, Aquaman … actually any DC hero I like xD

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I just recently got back into comics bc of this app. I’ve started off reading all the first storylines of rebirth. I got really into Wonder Woman. It’s really good. Also Detective Comics and Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps.

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I would not recommend Justice League (2016). It would be about the last Justice League Series ever if I were ranking them. Granted, I only read the first arc, but it was pretty dull.

If you want something oddball good for the Rebirth era, I’d recommend New Superman. Lots of other recommendations for Rebirth titles. If JL is your thing, I’d go with JLA or the Justice League of america (2006ish).

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Start with
DC Universe Rebirth 2016

DC wants you to read
a Superman comic and
Justice League comic before
hand. That is just for sales

Basically the younger
Superman of the 2011 reboot
called new 52 is dead and Lex
Luthor wants to become a
hero because of that.

Superman Lois and Clark is
prior to 2016 and decribes
the original versions of
Superman and Lois Lane, with
their son Jon Kent in this new
52 world.

It is a great series and ties
into the Rebirth Superman

Lois and Clark references
Justice League 2011, but the
basic idea to know is that the
New 52, younger versions
of our heroes defeated
Darkseid in the first arc of
that series.

If you are a Titans fan, the
pre Rebirth Titans Hunt
mini series brings back
the Original Teen Titans,
including Superpowered
Hawk and Dove.

Read a series, maybe a first
arc before going to the next

This is always a Rebirth issue
to establish the character.

Then the regular series
So Superman.Rebirth 1
Superman 1 etc.

My personal list of best
Rebirth series are:


Detective Comics

Wonder Woman
two stories in first arcs
odd numbers present day
even Year One the best

Green Lanterns

Red Hood and the Outlaws

Aquaman 2011 is great also

New Superman Chinese

Titans, The Original Titans, not Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy or Raven

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Definitely Batman new 52!
Green lanterns rebirth
Injustice is… pretty good if your into the Batman v Superman stuff