Hello, Injustice anyone?

Seriously am I the only one who thinks there needs to be an injustice movie? It would make serious bank, and it could be a long run thing. Live action is a little sus when it comes to DC let’s be honest here. But an animated either in its video game style or the current just cartoon animated style would be an actual banger of a movie series. It is still my favorite read of all time, and is the whole reason I got into DC comics all together.


Heck yeah! I would love to see this! I read injustice 1 and 2 and are two of my favorite comics series of all time!


im so glad someone agrees with me injustice is literally what got me into the whole dc universe and comics as well. so it will always be my favortie and have a special place in my heart


Seems perfect for an animation. I’d take an Injustice movie series, for sure.


Yeah, it will ALWAYS be one of my favorites because that is what got me into DC also.