Hello I am trying to Enter DC's Year of Premieres Sweepstakes

Enter DC’s Year of Premieres Sweepstakes but I’m not sure how to do this it. I read the instructions but they were very veg could anyone help me out :superman:

Hey @Blueandred! :wave: I’m glad to hear you’re interested in entering the Sweepstakes.

To enter, you must have an account on any of the four DC sites (e.g., DC UNIVERSE INFINITE, DC Fandome, DC Community, or DC Universe) and be active during the sweepstakes period - such as reading a comic on DC UNIVERSE INFINITE or posting on the DC Community.

Since you’ve posted on the DC Community (this forum), you’ve been automatically entered! :partying_face:

I hope this helps! Please don’t hesitate to let the moderator team know if you have any further questions and good luck! :tada: :batparrot:

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Thank you! :clark_hv_4:

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