Can we please give Constantine another season please and keep the actor.
We struck gold with him.:muscle:t6::muscle:t6:


I would love that. But CW seems to be focused on continuing his story in Legends of Tomorrow. They touched on it a lot in season 4 and it looks like that’s where season 5 is heading.

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Struck gold indeed!

I’m always down for more Constantine and I love Matt Ryan in the role. I still have hope that we’ll get another Constantine show one day.


Please bring back Constantine

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^ If The CW did decide to take John off of the Waverider and give him a solo series of his own, it would not be “bringing back” his previous eponymous series because there is no way to do so without the original creators and cast of said series.

However, they have already unequivocally stated that they have no plans or desire to do anything other than continue his story on Legends of Tomorrow, so this is a moot point anyway.