Helena Wayne's New Character Designs from Batman Catwoman

I also like that they redesigned her Batwoman suit as in Batman vol 3 annual number 2 they just recycled Kates’s suit. The New suit really gives off a Catwoman Batman vibe. just armored enough to protect her vitle organs well allowing her freedom of movement.


God, I am also loving that Helena looks more like her mother in this story, and…HAS GREEN EYES!


The suit’s inherent design is pretty good, but good lord, Clay Mann really needs to reel in his atrocious overly sexualized art. W/ the way he draws costumes for Selina and Helena, they come across more like body paint than actual suits. W/ today’s issue #3 in particular, there were just way too many gratuitous ass and boob shots. In some panels, you could even see Helena’s thong through her costume. It’s honestly disgusting how he’s clearly going out of his way to sexualize these characters

And I get that this is Black Label, so stuff like this is more likely to happen than in the main comics. But there’s also a much different stigma w/ female nudity/sexualization compared to the same thing for males. If you’re gonna include it, it needs to be in a sensitive way that actually serves a purpose beyond just trying to attract the male gaze. I didn’t see any of the former here, so I have to assume it’s the latter


Yeah, if there’s one thing I’m not feeling as much in Batman/Catwoman (which I’m loving overall), it’s probably what they do with Helena Wayne. I like her having her own legacy as Huntress and not just copying what her father or mother did.

Design wise…the skintight part doesn’t bother me too much – superheroes have always had a super skintight look to them. What annoys me about it is that it just looks kind of…plain that way.


well, Helena has always had her first suit as a homage to Batman and Catwoman, generally her mother’s colors and her father’s silhouette. however, the skin tightness of Helena’s suit is likely based on this particular fan favorite catsuit:

instead of the modern catsuit we are used to.

yes females have always been oversexualized via skin-tight costumes, but male proportions have also have over-emphasized as bulky muscles, well the nether bits have been ken doll esk to not emasculate the male readers.
also its long been established that selina does not wear much to bed, going back to batman some time between 400-404.
PS: Helena would have been the second huntress in new earth on words as Helena Bertinelli became the first.
PS2: i would have been good with a nice armored suit and do not like that Helena is wearing a one-piece Batsuit as I find one-pieces impractical for eather sex.


I do like the look of the armor and the cowl. But the rest of it…? No thanks. No needs to see your belly button, lady.


Honestly, I am not going to lie, I like how they designed the costume, however, I kinda think the skin tight purple one-piece catsuit is some form of under armor (likely a kevlar or similar futuristic material) and she has more body armor parts that she can attach to it and i think she will be doing it slowly as she investigated the death of the Joker to slowly add more armor to distance herself from her mother…

Although, I think the only person this Selina has directly killed is Joker…and maybe Black Mask and possibly in this world the phantasm. I did not want to choose a picture that gave plot details away, however, I also like that Helena’s suit as a retractable cap like Terry McGinnis’s batsuit from Batman Beyond.

However, personally, I love the redesign of Helena to look more like her mother, as I always thought she looked too much like a female Bruce than a mix of Selina and Bruce…and I just love she has her mother’s eyes, especially since I see so often that Selina is depicted with blue eyes…most notably The Batman cartoon…

side note: …ok this Helena I think is short, as Dick Grayson appears to be a few inches taller than her, when the original Helena Wayne was 5 foot 11 inches, a full inch taller than Dicks 5 foot 10 inches.


I imagine this would be surprising to those finding out for the first time but it’s true.


It seems kind of top heavy, to me. It would be fine if it was just a body suit or full armor, but I don’t think it gracefully splits the difference.


It’s okay…Add a utility belt and it’s awesome though.

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I will agree it’s a bit unbalanced, which is one of the reasons I think it’s more a modular system of armor, when she is not expecting to see much combat, she could wear less of the armor, when say a gang war is approaching or rouge brakes out, or a Justice Leage Mission is going to show heavy combat she puts on more armor via some kind of attachment system in the batmobile.

PS: also the design is somewhat like the original design for the Batman year zero bat suit, as she has simple yellow gloves similar to the ones batman ware in it.

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side discussion: anyone notices how many references to Batman: TAS there is in the story, I am kinda hoping Red Claw will make an appearance. It would also be nice if Hugo Strange had an appearance.

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What? No.

Can we give her pants or something? Come on…


to Quote Christian Bale ’ Make sure you can piss on the suit’… I like the look of the suit as it honors father and mother(stated above 90’s Catwoman suit) both, but I got to agree that one-piece costumes are kinda stupid and impractical, however, I think the costume is going to evolve during the story.


I should have included this for comparison Helena Wayne’s first costume from 1977 and the original costume used by Helena Bertinelli during New Earth.
Neater Huntress got pants till the New 52.

I have to say that compared to the first huntress suit, the batwoman suit does a fine job mimicking bot batman and Catwoman of the modern age. At least she is not in a glorified one-piece bikini with thigh-high boots and opera-length gloves like when she debuted in 1977.

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just hit me the costume Helena wears is not a reference to this costume.

It’s a less sexualized reference to the Catwoman of Earth-1089 where Selina has Bruce’s backstory, and batman has…well, not Catwomen’s as he is bat guano crazy. Well, this Catwoman is shown as wearing white lenses in her cowl on the cover. She actually has the same yellowish-green lenses as Helena’s batsuit, and the purple is a really close color match. however :grin:

It’s also based on this particular version of the batsuit. The original batsuit. in the cowl and gloves.
god, there are so many great easter eggs in this work.