Helen Mirren Joins ‘Shazam: Fury of the Gods’ in Villain Role

Glad she’s a part of this and that she’s playing a villain. The gap between the first Shazam! and the second is so great I thought she might be playing Mary Marvel. :wink:



She will be awesome, that much I know.


I think they got the hungry hungry caterpillar to play him.


The room just got classy.


Will the Rock of Eternity get an engagement ring to sit on courtesy of Neo/John Wick/Johnny Silverhand? Maybe Billy gets a side job as a Pawn Shop employee and notices it in a secret vault?

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I love Helen Mirren, and Shazam 2: Mythic Boogaloo will mark her third DC-based film (the two prior being the Red films).

Looking forward to her in the movie, and that eventual WAL of Shazam II: On The Move. :00_shazam:

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Shazam! 3 :00_shazam: Return of Black Adam

Shazam! 4 :00_shazam: Monster Society of Evil

Please and thank you!

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I was hoping she’d play Aunt Minerva from Legends of The Super Heroes

I have no idea who’d play the younger version!

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