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Hello members of the JSABC and welcome to our second November session. This session we return to the adventures of the JSA on the New 52 Earth 2. Last time we left them the Earth 2 crew had fended off age old JSA nemesis Grundy. Let’s see what happens next shall we?


@JasonTodd428 & @Aurora

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And now on with the show!


* Earth 2 #7-10


  1. So Steppenwolf has his own little country now. What did you think of how he went about claiming it?

  2. How did you like Fury?

  3. What did you think of Kendra’s back story? What about Khalid’s?

  4. Wotan is back again. Does he seem to be formidable foe for Jay and Khalid?

This club will be taking a hiatus next month but never fear @JSABookClub members we will be back with the new year to continue following the adventures of our stalwart band of heroes. Stay tuned and Happy Holidays to all!


Finished the first 2 issues.

Before his win I kept thinking Sandman would clobber Mr. Terrific in a fight.

So is this country the human version of Efrafa?

  1. This is destined to fall from within eventually.

  2. Less fun than Steppenwold. He stole their scenes.

  3. Pretty boring for both of them. Alan and Jay were much more interesting.

  4. With all that power I do not see them even being on his radar.


1.One despot replacing another, how it goes unfortunately. As expected.
2. Seems like she’s got the makings of a fine bloodthirsty warrior to me.
3. I like them but seekers of knowledge, and finders of.
4. Seems pretty godlike compared to them so far, so yep.

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