Hearts & Diamonds (A Poem by J. Quinzelle)

As I worked on my Harley fan-fic, I came across some old Word files in my virtual drive. One file was a poem I wrote about Harley Quinn. I have another one somewhere in my papers, but need to search for it. In the meanwhile, here’s the one I have available.

Hearts & Diamonds

Hide your eyes behind black lies
Hearts and diamonds blur the line.
Confide in tides of a cracked mind,
Perhaps your life was packed with crime.

You tried, you did, and blood was shed.
You said no, and he thought yes.
Your attempt at bliss was a mess,
And you’re left red with the love you bled.

An agile guile of wild style,
One which riles with a smile,
Will never tire of wired fire.
While, child, you wear denial.

This devil revels in levels of madness.
His meddle bevels into sadness.
Your finesse to digress into love regresses.
Excess passion leads to harsh caresses.

Don a song of long-gone wrongs
Hearts and diamonds are lost among
The cards and shards of this marred blonde.
Hold a gun for the one you’re fond.

Hearts and diamonds for a diamond heart.
Where one ends the other starts.