Heard a rumour about 7.99 comics?

Can anyone verify this is true that the price of a comic book is going to 7.99 per book

This is a rumor

The idea is that if Bruce Wayne Kal el and the rest are replaced in 5G.

There may be a backlash

So have the regular heroes in other books that are longer and cost more

What is known

A timeline is being prepared by DC
It includes four generation of event
1G is before World War II which introduces Wonder Woman
2G is Space Age which introduces the other main heroes.

These eras cover 60 out of the 80 years DC Comics has been published.

While breaking old csnon
It may bring back csnon like Cyborg in New Yeen Titans a d Martian Manhunter as one of original 7 of JLA which was changed in New 52 in 2011

Old stories can be retold

Current heroes very old maybe in their 60s.

So another attempt to have young mew heroes again who are difgerent people now.

While allowing for current characters to be used in New line.

I would prefer
Old Batman.and Superman in Action and Detective
Newer versions in Batman and Superman
Both same cover price
Let the fans fecide.


I think this 5G plan is going to fail. They’re going to completely rewrite history (again) and replace every major hero. While they will likely use the originals in some fashion, the face of DC will be changed. I think that this could only work as a temporary measure, with the proper heroes reinstated at some future point


Well 5G will fail but if you think about it we already pay 7.99 for books if you get action and Superman and both Batman’s so If we are going to get more Dark and more adult themed books under Black Label I will gladly pay 7.99 for an issue for a legit Bat book and Superman Book as long as it is once a month. I will not touch the 5G crap. I really think many will get the Black Label books as well.


I am on a wait and see with 5G. I think it could be what DC needs. It’s a new take on New 52 which could be VERY accessible. Nu52 was never really that accessible. I think they found a way to make it work.

I can see 5G working if they keep various titles going featuring different characters in the roles. Batman being Bruce but Detective being the new 5G Batman. I could also see I being generational specific story arcs. Imagine one arc is Bruce and the next Dick Grayson Batman and then 5G Batman and then back to Bruce. It frees up so much story potential. For me, as a more Wonder Woman fan, it will be interesting to see how other titles play out if this is true.

7.99 though for an ongoing title monthly? Don’t think that will happen. No one is going to pay that. They will wait for collected where it would be affordable. 7.99 is a paperback book roughly which provides many more hours of enjoyment over a comic book. Most people can read a comic book in a matter of minutes. This is not to say they are bad, I obviously love comics, but there does come a point where the cost would be prohibitive to most buyers.


I’m normally very open to let a story develop and see if I like it. Heck, I’m interested in seeing how Batman handles Alfred’s death. But, changing these iconic characters enmasse based on timeline devised by Dan Didio sounds horrific and bound to be undone. Then we end up with another universe wide reboot in a couple of years to get back to where we are now. It smells of gimmick and not a particularly original one.
And 7.99 for a comic just accelerates my move to the DCU subscription model as my only source of comics though I doubt the rumor


Haven’t been following but if that is the plan that sounds horrible. I doubt it will bring many new fans and by this point no one believes new people in existing hero identities is permanent.

And re-writing history again… that is like what? Three times in around 10 years? I get time moves on but after Crisis they basically stuck to the same continuity for over 20 years. The answer to their problems is not to re-write history over and over. Stick to what they got and make it work, hire new writers try new stories. Enough with the reset buttons that are not actually reset buttons. It is not the answer.


This is the 5G rumor.

Generation 5 will be your main comics. They will be focused on passing the mantle down and diversity, They will likely stay the 3.99/4.99 Comics.

Generation 4 will have stories retold and/or newly created with a focus on more maturity and exist in Black Label. Hal Jordan, Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, and Diana will get their comics here.

It’s unclear how Gen 1-3 will be covered. However we know there is a Wonder Woman Comic in the works that will focus on Wonder Woman being the first superhero of DC. Likely a JSA comic will be included then too.

The clear thing is that DC is focused on their main franchises: Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Green Lantern, Teen Titans, Flash, Aquaman, Blue and Gold (Blue Beetle and Booster), Harley Quinn, and Misc. Characters. I found it interesting Blue and Gold are a core franchise in 5G.

Also there is a rumor that Far Sector is the first 5G title.

I actually think 5G is the ending of these timeline shenanigans. After Crisis 2020, every past timeline will merge into one defined timeline with a set past present and future which lets fans and writers know what is and isn’t in continuity (in this new timeline). It’s the merging of the Golden, Silver, Bronze, Modern, Nu52, and Rebirth into 1 defined timeline. Also Rebirth worked when it had a long term plan in mind with creators working together. Right now, DC has this problem of their creators not fully working together. This is an effort to fix that. Every writer will have a defined place in the timeline or be out of continuity.

While I agree that a refocus is in order, Rebirth worked so well because it focused mostly on the iconic versions of the heroes having new and “current” adventures. Throw in some new characters and generally top flight creative talent and you had a successful run. Cornering the versions of the heroes that are earning you Billions at the box-office and in merchandising, and are your top selling books into narrow, timeline mandated eras, with their futures likely known from the 5G books is not a recipe for long-term success. Continuity is not something to be tamed as if we fear it will get out of control and devour us. It changes and morphs with the times, just like these characters have. That’s why the Trinity have lasted for 80 years. I give it two years, before they reset though I still hope this is not true or at least not fully understood initiative. I hate being a pessimist, it’s not normally in my nature.


Continuity can be simplified though. Be made easier for ew readers

Yep, and you need to do that on occasion, but a wholesale changing of iconic characters is as has been said many times a bad idea that’s been tried and generally rejected by readers. If you have a good idea, like Jane Foster as Thor turned out to be, give that a try. But don’t lose what works when you simplify


I don’t know. I was never really a big continuity guy. I enjoy reading stories involving the Trinity and the Justice League. If they happen to reference other stories, great. If not, also fine. I care more about the characters, story, setting, dialogue, ambience, vibe, artwork…the list goes on, but continuity is not on top of the list for me. I appreciate it…definitely appreciate the history, but it doesn’t make or break a book for me.

So on the surface I shouldn’t really care. Let DC do what they may continuity-wise, since it’s not my focus. But when I heard about the Trinity and others “passing the mantle”, I didn’t like it. I’ve explained why before, and won’t get into that here, but the concept, as it was described, didn’t sit right with me. Call me sentimental.

Since then, I’ve read many other people’s opinions. Many seem to share my sentiment, but the one that made me stop & think for a second is the one regarding streamlining to attract new readers. Not too long ago, New 52 happened for that very reason. A fresh starting point so new folks can jump on. I hadn’t really touched many comics before that. I read about it somewhere and did just that: I jumped on…and haven’t jumped off since. DC may have accomplished their goal with me and others, but they upset many of their existing fan base with the different take on the characters. In the meanwhile New 52, while not universally liked, brought us some successful runs like Snyder’s Batman, Azzarello’s Wonder Woman and Johns’ Justice League.

So on one hand, I understand now how longtime folks felt when New 52 came out. “You’re changing what?” Given my history though, I can also understand making things accessible for new readers like I once was. Not sure how changing who Superman and Batman are accomplishes that, but I guess there’s something to be said for a fresh start? Maybe it will have its success stories too? My stance has softened a bit, but not enough to fully embrace the idea. The silver lining for me, if true, is these rumored Black Label books for Clark, Bruce, Diana, etc. That’s probably where I’d end up living in the DC world. Superman is Clark. Batman is Bruce. Wonder Woman is Diana. Call me sentimental…