Heard a Rumor on the Internet, Rick Flag will be in Suicide Squad 3 Movie

So I heard a rumor, don’t know if it’s true, that Rick Flag will be back in a different incantation in The 3rd Suicide Squad Movie. Apparently what I was told was Rick Flag will be saved and rebuilt Much like Peacemaker was and will become Sgt. Rock and this will be Sergeant Rocks new Origin story. They will run into each other and will have a rematch. Don’t know if this is true, but sounds pretty cool !

There hasn’t even been a 3rd Suicide Squad movie announced, let alone any details about it, so between that and the current mess going on at WB, I can’t imagine any rumors about this being remotely true at this point. We’re still quite a ways off from another Suicide Squad movie assuming we get another one at all

Ok, thanks I was thinking it was bunk but the way the person put so much detail in it.

I still think that Captain Boomerang should come back with no explanation what so ever.

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Where did you hear that?

Read it some where on “ Redit “.

Yes I agree, and the only explanation is that he keeps boomeranging back, it’s one of his powers, LOL.

Better getting that kind of info off social media articles