Heads Up / Tip-Off! (Help Out Your Fellow Collectors)

See a figure/collectible etc…?
Give your fellow collectors a tip-off about where they can get it!

For instance:
Found at Target, Rt. 9 Howell, NJ
Blue and Gold 2-pack (x2) and Gold Label Martian Manhunter


And…. Up the road at the Target Rt 9 Manalapan, NJ….


Yes! :raised_hands:t2:

Showing a picture of something new, but not saying where one found it, is akin to “I found this, but I’m not telling you.”, which is kind of a silly thing to do on a public message board.

Sure, we’re excited about our new finds, but when one gets something new from Amazon (for example), just say “Got this from Amazon.”, that way your fellow collectors who also want that item (and the lurking collectors who may be looking for it, too) now know where they can get it. :slight_smile:

I don’t specify the exact stores I hit (you never know when scalpers/flippers may be lurking), but I will always generally say where I found something (i.e. Amazon, Big Bad Toy Store, Target, etc.), as I’m all-in on helping out my fellow collectors.

So, let’s all follow @golddragon71’s superb example and spread The Good Word about the stores you’re finding The Goods at and where you’re finding The Goods online, too. :slight_smile:


Salem NH Walmart currently has 7 Gold Label Shazam figures on the pegs on clearance for $15.


Found in Freehold, NJ Walmart!
McFarlane Multiverse
DC Rebirth
Flash Wally West x2
(Crimson/burgundy with Silver)


Was just in my local GameStop
(Rt. 9 Howell, NJ)
And they had a new wave of McFarlane Multiverse figures
Jay Garrick Flash
Kingdom Come Armored Batman
Gladiator Batman
Arkham City Riddler
Hush Batman and
Infinite Frontier Joker


Nice, and thank you for the heads-up!