Heads Up / Tip-Off! (Help Out Your Fellow Collectors)

See a figure/collectible etc…?
Give your fellow collectors a tip-off about where they can get it!

For instance:
Found at Target, Rt. 9 Howell, NJ
Blue and Gold 2-pack (x2) and Gold Label Martian Manhunter


And…. Up the road at the Target Rt 9 Manalapan, NJ….


Yes! :raised_hands:t2:

Showing a picture of something new, but not saying where one found it, is akin to “I found this, but I’m not telling you.”, which is kind of a silly thing to do on a public message board.

Sure, we’re excited about our new finds, but when one gets something new from Amazon (for example), just say “Got this from Amazon.”, that way your fellow collectors who also want that item (and the lurking collectors who may be looking for it, too) now know where they can get it. :slight_smile:

I don’t specify the exact stores I hit (you never know when scalpers/flippers may be lurking), but I will always generally say where I found something (i.e. Amazon, Big Bad Toy Store, Target, etc.), as I’m all-in on helping out my fellow collectors.

So, let’s all follow @golddragon71’s superb example and spread The Good Word about the stores you’re finding The Goods at and where you’re finding The Goods online, too. :slight_smile:


Salem NH Walmart currently has 7 Gold Label Shazam figures on the pegs on clearance for $15.


Found in Freehold, NJ Walmart!
McFarlane Multiverse
DC Rebirth
Flash Wally West x2
(Crimson/burgundy with Silver)


Was just in my local GameStop
(Rt. 9 Howell, NJ)
And they had a new wave of McFarlane Multiverse figures
Jay Garrick Flash
Kingdom Come Armored Batman
Gladiator Batman
Arkham City Riddler
Hush Batman and
Infinite Frontier Joker


Nice, and thank you for the heads-up!


My experience with Game Stop is that they are worth checking out if it’s convenient; some of my best deals have been at these locations; but the website is totally useless for getting an accurate read if products are in stock and available locally and the retail stores don’t necessarily carry a consistent line of products, even within the same geographic location. For example, I bought the Red Son Superman that McFarlane put two years ago at a GS here in LA but only saw it at that one store, no where else.

However, for the rest of the thread, I saw some Black Adam Spin Master toys on remaindered sale at various Targets in Los Angeles:
Atom Smasher Spin Master

primarily those Targets large enough to have a healthy toy section - most stores will sell some toys, but I find the smaller ones (Central LA stores for example) barely carry any DC or Marble and are more Barbie or Transformers, etc.

What’s with the stupid street date restriction on Two Face?!? I mean, on figures related to the upcoming movies Like The Flash, I get putting a hold on them until just before the movie hits! But Batman ‘66 Two Face?!? Twice this week I’ve found him on the shelf and twice I’ve had to go home empty-handed!!! Wait….
Twice? TWICE??
That’s it! Why didn’t I see it before?!?
Todd McFarlane is the real TWO-FACE!!

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Likely an imposition imposed by Target, rather than McFarlane.

When the Multiverse Arkham Batman and Joker debuted in '20, they were street-dated at Target.

Meanwhile at Walmart, I walked right in and bought them, no street date jazz to contend with at all.

Oddly enough, when I bought my Retro Two-Face this week, he went right through, no issues.

Maybe the street date is on a store by store basis as to how its enforced? :man_shrugging:t2:

I know that’s said in jest and frustration (as well as a nice nod to Two-Face :wink:), but again, the street date is likely of Target’s doing, not McFarlane’s.

Mostly it was a joke on to face. It was the second store. I found it in two days apart, and I went to register two!!

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I gotcha. :wink:

For anyone still looking, my local f.y.e. At Freehold Raceway Mall (Freehold, NJ)
Has the Warner Bros 100th Ann. McFarlane Multiverse Ultimate Batman movie 6-pack.

(I imagine the 6-pack would be turning up in f.y.e.s all over so if you know of one in your area check it out.)

Amazon and Ebay.

If you didn’t know about Ebay, if you are looking for those B.A.F figures, the ones where you have to collect 4 figures to make the special one, Ebay is your place to go straight to the figure you want, and if you add up what it would cost to buy the figures separately to make the one figure, usually it is a break-even price if not cheaper and some sellers offer the option to place an offer.

For me I notice I can find anything on Amazon, and if not, I can find it on Ebay.

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For Black Friday’s, Macy’s currently has the 12" PVC Flash Movie statues (Batkeaton, Ezra Flash) at bargain basement prices essentially two thirds off retail (and do not charge for shipping one you spend $25, or you can ask them to ship to a store for free if you only want one).

They also have this Superman For Tomorrow PVC statue, and the two recent Blue Beetle PVC statues (the Carpax and the one of Jaime posed in the suit on that small wall? stand), all at the same price ($27.99, down from $39.99) and some other stuff, including for example, the Batmobile and Diana’s invisible jet (from the Super Power’s collection) highly discounted as well as a number of other items on sale. This also includes Pops.

I would not necessarily go look in any stores (although if you are at the mall, I would do so) but just order these online, once you hit $25 in spending, if you sign up for their rewards program (which you can then unsubscribe from later), you will get free shipping to home.