HBO's Watchmen in current times

First of all, thank god for Stargirl with a light positive TV show.

But I saw this on another thread and how Watchmen is so relevant today’s current times. It’s mind blowing and scary. Go watch Watchmen if you haven’t. Such a great show.


Got HBO Max and just watched the first episode yesterday. I’m not super well versed in Watchmen (I’ve only watched the movie, a while back) so I probably missed a lot of little details. Engaging show, but was left scratching my head as to how it connects to the original. I’m sure that’s coming as I continue watching.

The HBO show is the continuation of the comic book not the movie.


I actually just started watching the HBO Watchmen show (not related to current events, just by chance) and it’s incredible the parallels in issues going on. It makes sense though, considering Rorschach’s social commentary and his admittedly sexist/racist/homophobic views in the original comics. It’s one of the reasons I fell in love with Watchmen in the first place-- addressing darker political issues that most people in media try to stay away from.

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