HBO Max Reveals First-Look Image of AQUAMAN: KING OF ATLANTIS Animated series

Did not expect to see Aquaman with green hair




Saw that
looks fun. Like the tiny dot faces in it :sweat_smile:


With this, Harley Quinn, Teen Titans Go, and the DC Robot Chicken specials, DC is definitely miles ahead of Marvel at being able to laugh at themselves.


It’s not what I was expecting or even hoping for when I heard that James Wan was producing an Aquaman animated series, but for what it is, it looks fun. I’ll definitely give it a shot when it drops.


I know that this is wrong and it’s a me-problem I need to work on, but this animation style is so bad to me that I genuinely get offended that it is allowed to exist. Like I get genuinely mad. It’s an offense to every part of my sensibilities. I consider myself truly terrible at art and I think I can do better.

I can see the beauty of la linea. Art can be simplistic and beautiful but this is just bad.

This is the animation version of the people in Kitchen nightmares that stores chicken in a broken cooler. It’s the software developer that stores passwords in cleartext. It’s the doctor that prescribes homeopathic treatments. It’s the constructor that builds a bathroom with a floor that doesn’t have it’s lowest point at the drain. I want them to find another calling in life.

Just as people are bad at other professions there must also exist bad art, and this is the proof.

I like genuinely get upset at the world for claiming it was made for kids. I was a kid once, and I am offended on behalf of my younger self. No one should have to eat chicken stored in a broken cooler. Seeing this art awakens parts of me I don’t want to exist.

I want to give this a Rowan compliment sandwich without the buns.

I’m just going to go away and repeat the mantra.

This wasn’t made for me
This wasn’t made for me
This wasn’t made for me

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No the animation is just bad, don’t feel guilty.