HBO Max/ New shows

And now HBO Max is getting the new Gotham cop show…What new shows is DC Universe coming out with…


DC Universe isn’t coming out with jack $h!t.


I remember reading not too long ago (or maybe it was as, I have no sense of time) that DC Universe is working on a Titans spin-off. On top of that, we still have upcoming seasons of Titans, Doom Patrol, Young Justice, and I assume Harley Quinn that will all be available here. On top of that, there are more comics on here than I ever thought possible.


Doom Patrol and Harley Quinn are and will be on HBO Max

DCU has said they are making Titans S3, Young Justice S4, The DCYou shows, and Bizarro TV. But these shows have been delayed do to the pandemic.

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It’s likely that AT&T realized there was to little new content available for the HBO MAX launch. This is probably causing an underwhelming start for its flagship streaming service. This has led to them taking a series of desperate acts, funding a Synder cut and taking most of DCU’s live content being 2 such acts. Just a theory but it seems to fit the events.


True, but those shows are on here too.

That $4.99 offer is back…so everything is gonna wind up on HBO Max?
I hope this sticks around for the comics library.

I’m exited for this new Gotham show

To clarify, according to the article that came out after it was announced, there were calls by HBO Max to talk about doing something back in November. So Covid may have been a factor, but not the factor.

Ultimately I think there’s truth to the fact that the pandemic slowed down their launch, so they’re trying to get as much content as possible. All the networks are doing it – that’s part of why CW is airing Swamp Thing.

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This whole thing is making me sad tbh. I enjoyed DC Universe while it was all we had but maybe they should just combine the services at this point…


It is a little disheartening that there aren’t a ton of shows and movies but for the price, you can’t beat it. I don’t mind if every show isn’t on here as long as the main shows that we signed up for are continuing to be on here as well. I don’t mind if they are also on hbo.


Personally I think if they don’t announce new shows at there event coming up then I believe they will either merge this into hbo max or just shut it down completely

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Nothinnnnn Not a thing, Not. a. single. thing.

It’s the end of the woooorld as we know it!

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Very few if any shows or movies are in production around the world, none here. We are leading the world in Coronavirus, unfortunately.

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I wouldn’t care if they merge the shows, but what about the comics. That’s 95% of the reason I’m here. Are we saying the collection should be on HBO Max too? I can live with that.


I seriously doubt HBOMAX adds comics. The comics are here.

Well, I have several thoughts on this. The first is that with the COVID-19 pandemic everything seems to be on hold. I don’t expect we’ll be hearing too much about new shows on DC Universe for a while. The second is that I have a feeling that the response to HBO Max has been underwhelming and so they are trying to shore it up with more original shows. Unfortunately, that means shows like the new Gotham City police show will go to HBO Max for the time being. My personal hope is that it shows up here eventually. Third, while they haven’t announced any new shows for DC Universe recently, we still have Doom Patrol, Harley Quinn, et. al. It is true that HBO Max has them as well, but they aren’t exclusive to HBO Max. Anyway, I am hoping that they continue to support DC Universe. It has an incredible archive of comic books and I love the community here. I have no plans to ever subscribe to HBO Max, but I plan to stick around DC Universe for as long as it’s around!


That might be but I think they are trying to promise more content as possible to keep people talking more then anything.

I mean the truth is no one knows when they can start filming anything again. Yeah the government cleared them in LA (don’t know about Canada) if not New York. But due to clearing the new regulations they still haven’t actually started filming much of anything, and the new regs are seemingly going to slow things down and make them more expensive to shoot… not to mention the challenge of working around them in the writing room.

So who knows when this Gotham PD show will even come out. I mean if it is a spinoff to Pattinson’s Batman then they will not come out until after that and no one knows when THAT can finish filming much less be released. Wonder Woman has been sitting in the can forever because they keep moving it back. And if the movie bombs who knows if the show will even be made.

I mean it is a cool announcement. But I will be shocked if this thing even comes out in 2021. I think everyone things that things are about to magically go back to normal in terms of folming shows but we don’t even know with a second wave coming if they won’t be delayed yet again.

Which is the thing with DCU shows. I mean yeah, the fact nothing is even in pre-production can’t bode well. But the shows that were going to air after Stargirl and Doom patrol have not even started filming due to the shutdown. So I doubt DCU really knows anything right now, it is all up in the air.

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If they don’t announce anything during DC Fandome, I’m not gonna get my hopes up for original shows. At least not on the frequency and quality that we’ve gotten them until now. There had been rumors for spin-offs and other characters, but at this point I would consider those cancelled.