Hawkman Trade?

Does anyone know if or when the new Hawkman series will be getting a released as a trade? I can’t seem to find any definitive information online.

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Amazon’s listing for volume one:


and volume 2:


The direct market release dates will be six days subtracted from Amazon’s dates.

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@Vroom Thanks! For some reason it isn’t showing up as a result when I searched on Amazon, but your links work.

That’s odd. I did a search and volume one popped right up.

In any event, I’m happy to help out :slight_smile:

@Vroom Yeah, I don’t know what’s happening. I wasn’t even logged in so I don’t think it would do anything customized or whatever.

@Vroom it wasn’t showing up as a listing for me either for some reason, and I’ve been looking out for it for some time now 🤷

Odd bodkins. Mayhaps the listing displays differently depending on the device/browser.

Welp, now you know the dates needed so that you can stretch out your wings and soar into this great, great series.

…and knowing is half the battle =)

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The release date is June 18th. ( I think)