Hawkman (2018)

I know that nobody probably cares, but I just want to express my love for Venditti’s run of Hawkman. To give you context, some week ago a posted a tread about things I would change in comics. One of the things I listed was the origin story of Hawkman and Hawkgirl because I found it to be the only decent story arc that they could do with the characters. I believe it was Vroom that suggested I read this run and I absolutely love it. The story is very engaging. My favorite issue is #6 where the Atom and Hawkman fight Moz-Ga. It was one of the few times I felt emotion while reading a comic (I rarely feel while I read or watch things.) My favorite cover is issue 5’s cover A because its metallic. I also love the art in the book so far, but unfortunaly Bryan Hitch’s last issue is 12 or 13. Will Conrad is taking over but from what I seen of his art in Justice League Odyssey #7 I’m cool with him taking over. I can’t wait to see what Venditti has in store of the story after the battle with the Deathbringers.


Are you kidding this is MY FAVORITE DC TITLE right now! It’s Venditti’s masterpiece!

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I haven’t read it yet BUT I look forward to starting down the post rebirth path soon!


I also forgot to mention, that the run gets brownie points every time this happens:

“Thinks for taking me to _____”
“No problem, it’s the best I can do after you helped in the past”

This reminds me of Disney Channel’s Kim Possible and it happens a lot since Carter has helped multiple people in his past life.

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@Flamebird23 TBH I don’t remember mentioning Hawkman to you but if I did, I appreciate your acting on my suggestion =)

The current volume of Hawkman is in fact GREAT! It’s his best ongoing in years, even surpassing Geoff Johns’ run.

Glad you’re enjoying the Winged Wonder’s wonderful series!


Probably one of my favorite writers right now along with josh Williamson!

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This is my favorite DC book. I am so glad to have had this on my pull since issue #1. #11 later this week and I’m stoked!

Just because Venditti is writing it I should read it I have just not been that big of Hawkman fan

I personally wish he was still writing Green Lanterns

The current Hawkman has been a fantastic read (although I am perpetually a couple of issues behind because of work and life) and if Hitch has to leave the title, then Will Conrad is not a bad choice to replace him. His artwork has been very impressive on the books I’ve seen him do!