A version of Hawkgirl is now in the current Justice League, but she appears many times in our app, in Justice League and Justice League Animation, as well as Hwawkman, Hawkgirl and JSA.

She also appeared in Justice League by Brad Meltzer.

Who do you prefer, Kendra or Shayera?

Do you prefer Hawkgirl without Hawkman?

What do you think of her power set, flying fast, agility, super strength, vision, hearing? She is a basic metal type who can use all her abilities at once, as opposed to Vixen, who can experience more powerful abilities, but only one at a time.

Why should her weapon be? Kendra is given a set of laser pistols toward end of series. Should it always be a mace, that most people can’t lift. Should it have anti magic powers? Giving the series a sword versus sorcery edge.

Should Tharagaran be minimisized to the degree possible and reincarnation stressed, with experience, abilities and languages as a result?

Is she a good enough detective on her own?

I think Kendra would be utilized best with a 12 issue Maxi mini series the way we get Mister Miracle and Martian Manhunter.