Hawk And Dove

What do you guys think?! Should Hawk and Dove get a show, A streaming original movie or just be regulars on Titans season two?


It would be a good spin off and maybe just like CW/DC shows have crossovers :grin: the actors are great and I’m sure they have some interesting adventures.

I think they should get their own show and still appear on Titans.

I think the DC show runners would have to change Hawk and Dove current arcs, for them to continue.

Hank is very injured. He is using alcohol and drugs to self medicate himself.

Dawn is doing the same things, to a smaller degree.

They both use the money they rob from criminals to survive.

Dawn has been cured, probably by Raven, but the injuries sustained by Dawn, should convince them to stop doing this. They can’t continue in this manner, or they will be injured or killed.

The only way for them to change is for their physical condition to change, by becoming the moderately powered heroes in the comics.

With these new bodies, which heal automatically but not immediately, they won’t have to worry about their old injuries, which would have prevented them from continuing.

Dove will be able to fly, have enhanced strength, agility and speed, a healing factor. increased knowledge of languages and history, a danger sense, while keeping her current fighting skills

Hawk will have super strength, endurance and durability, enhanced agility and speed, a healing factor, a danger sense, while keeping his current fighting skills.

They are pretty cool, but what i really want is more Dove booty


I love the idea of them getting their powers to help heal their broken bodies. Maybe they could get their powers from Raven. Also, while I like their costumes, they do look a bit clunky, especially Dove’s. Something sleeker would be awesome. Then bring on some Kestrel! Great, creepy villain.

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